Image of Weird Beard T-Shirt - Black & White

Weird Beard T-Shirt - Black & White

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From Chin Strap, Soul Patch and Goatee through to Van Dyke, Horse Shoe and Fu Manchu, facial hair adornment has had to endure much ridicule, innuendo and persecution. For where fashion dictates our conformist society follows, leaving once popular styles cast into the annuals of pogonotrophy history.

Rising above all this nonsense is the true King Of Beards™, the Weird Beard. Wild, unadulterated and virile, the Weird Beard is way too preoccupied with living a life the way he so chooses than worry about such trivialities as fashion, convention and social acceptability.

Quality 100% Cotton T-Shirt - 165g Weight
Fair Wear Foundation Approved
Machine Wash 30°
Printed in GB

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