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Dork - Black & White

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***IMPORTANT INFO*** In true Humili-T style, we managed the amazing feat of unknowingly turning wine in to water by causing varying degrees of sunlight damage to our t-shirt stock.

Whilst some shirts could easily pass as new we'd not be happy selling them as such. So having gone through and graded all the stock we are now offering the best quality seconds at a great discount (60% off). In many cases there's only one or two shirts left in each size so stock is very limited.

Our returns/refund policy does not apply to this discounted stock.

Email if you'd like more info. Unfortunately we cannot send images of individual shirts.

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Dork originally carried pejorative connotations thanks in part to a bunch of Jocks, back in the late 1960s. Since then, through sustained lobbying and subversive tactics, the U.P.F.D. (United Peoples Front for Dorkism) has successfully wrestled back the term for the people it once so cruelly described.

Around the world dorks and dorkishness are now considered 'like, totally adorkable' with all manner of A list hotties desperate to declare their inner dorkiness. Being true to yourself and not giving a shit about what others may think of you has never been so hip. Go get your Dork on!

Quality 100% Cotton T-Shirt - 165g Weight
Fair Wear Foundation Approved
Machine Wash 30°
Printed in GB

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